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6/24 – SORRY I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO POST. Let’s get caught up on Wednesday 6/15 the police came in and picked me up on an almost two year old VOP that’s a violation of probation. Someone must have turned me in because as you know I’ve been here in the SHRC since November of 2009. So it’s not like I’m hiding. Medicaid is picking up the bill here. Hmmm something weird going on. Maybe the man’s trying to stop my blog, perhaps big brother reads this blog along with the thousands of others. Well the states been here in the SHRC all this week. Perhaps I was removed from the SHRC hoping to keep this blog from getting into the states hands. It’s not like I’m verbally bashing this place I really just want to make things here better for everyone. Yes I have said this place is a shit hole but it’s our shit hole, you know like home sweet home. I hear they won’t let me come back unlike the others they want out but have to keep letting them back in. This might be my last post but this site will remain online here and can stay up to date if everyone will get me the info to post and I will add it for you. So please pass this site on to everyone. https://danyoder.wordpress.com/ Thanks to all who are helping to make the SHRC a better place.


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My Life at Sarasota Health and Rehabilitation Center

My name is Dan Yoder. I came to the Sarasota Health and Rehabilitation Center in November of 2009. I had a stroke and went to Manatee Memorial Hospital. They sent me several places, but none of them were set up to take care of me, so I ended up here in the SHRC. As it turns out, this place wasn’t set up to care for me either, but here I am. I am 54 years old and with a little luck, I might reach 55. I thought I had seen everything, but this place is an experience. I don’t walk or talk well, but my mind still works OK. I type with one finger, but it is a labor of love/hate. My goal is to tell my story in the form of a journal and add a little humor along the way. Here you can read my whole story all at once or in parts. You can subscribe to my blog and get the newest updates emailed to you so you don’t miss a thing. I will be updating this blog daily around 6pm est or as it happens. Watch the recent post tab for the Todays New Post and stay up to date with the newest posting. The Soap Operas are going off the air and tv’s reality shows suck so get your daily dose of drama with us here in the SHRC. Please contact me if you have anything to add or if you believe I have made an error. If you would like to add a comment, a story or any info unanimously just get it to me i’ll post it for you. You can contact me at any of the link’s below.

facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002452481117  

twitter follow me http://twitter.com/#!/DanYoder56

If you would rather email or use the good,old fashioned, mail here’s the info

email= danyoder56@gmail.com

address= attn: room 60b

Sarasota Health and Rehab Center

1524 East Ave South

Sarasota, FL 34239-2324

Phone: 941-730-5367 

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